Eli Jayne, Artist

Eli Jayne, Artist
At MITA Labs, Malta - The Blockchain Island

Backstory of Eli Jayne

I've been creating art for fun and professionally all of my life and into crypto and blockchain since 2013.

I minted my first NFT, an illuminated painting, in the courtyard of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland in 2018 on the Ardor blockchain. There is even a video.

I closed Quessity Creative Studio at the end of 2017 to devote my energies to blockchain projects full-time. The one I am most proud of is givesafely.io - a charity donation portal that puts the donor in full control of their data and offers tokens for the information they choose to share.


The Coronavirus turned my life upside down in March of 2020. I have not fully recovered and still struggle daily with long-Covid symptoms. Everything I was doing is on pause — blockchain projects, conferences, writing and my Cryptowoman Podcast... But being a Pollyanna, I found new joy with my immersion into the metaverse and subsequently NFTs.

On days I cannot do anything else, I can curl up with my iPad and create. This year I started creating and minting a piece of art every single day. I am grateful for the time to do this.

The word I use to describe my art style is "evolving" although it could be called "shiny" as my training and years spent as an illuminator offer a shininess and sparkle to most of my digital art.

My inspiration soars when I consider that I was created to create. "in the beginning, God created..." And then he created people in His image - to be like Him.

We are all blessed with this gift in some form or another and I am passionate about helping others find their potential and expression.

Eli Jayne